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Dental Tooth Extractions


If you need a tooth extracted without pain and discomfort, contact us at Dentistry 2000. Dental extractions are done precisely and comfortably in our clinic by our highly trained and experienced dentist.


Although the last to erupt, wisdom teeth or third molars cause the most problems for individuals either by not erupting completely or erupting in the wrong position. The problem is simply lack of space for the new tooth because the molar may remain buried in the jawbone. In most cases, such a non-functional tooth should be removed by an experience dentist.


Most people have all four wisdom teeth, but hardly a few of them truly align with other teeth. We personally evaluate each case and help you make good decisions on what needs to be done. Patient safety and comfort is our highest priority during any procedure.


extractionsTooth decay is a major problem since it is very difficult to keep the non-aligned third molars clean and restorations are not usually done on these teeth. Gum disease and infections are highly common too, culminating in recurrent lower jawbone infections.

Partially and randomly erupted molars affects oral hygiene and eating. Cysts and tumors can result if an impact molar tooth is not treated in time. The protective sac of a tooth, called follicle, may stay embedded in the bone, causing a future cyst/tumor.

We begin with a consultation appointment that includes reviewing patient’s medical history, in-depth physical exam and discussion of potential diagnosis and treatment plan.
After the first consultation, our insurance specialist contacts your insurance policy holder to ascertain your benefits. This will be discussed with your before the extraction.

We consider your comfort and safety our major concern while performing teeth extraction and try our best to accommodate all your needs during the surgery.

We provide post-operative instructions in person and in writing after the surgery. Our highly qualified team will always be available for any questions or concerns you might have.

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